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Dear jvenuti.risoriso:

Dear sir/madam:

Glad to hear that you're on the market for coatings and other promotional items.

This is Mr.Wang from Dongguan Kunxiang Material Technology Co., Ltd. in China.We specialized in coatings for 20 years,achieving an annual capacity of 10,000 MT of mica-based pigments. distributing products in over 130 countries worldwide.Hope to find a way to cooperate with you!

Our chameleon series is suitable for coating applications, such as industrial coatings, powder, leather coatings and dispersion paints.

As the national color of China, red symbolizes much of traditional Chinese culture. With saturation qualities as intense as organic pigments, Setallic exhibits magnificent, glistening orange and red colors along with unmatched dimensional visual effects.

Diamond series are widely applied throughout the coating industry with good dispersability and physicochemical property. It can be added in combination with any pigment to create beautiful metallic luster paints.

Should you want know more about our company,pls visit Any comments,that'll be appreciated!Thanks.

Thanks and best regards,


Dongguan Kunxiang Material Technology Co., Ltd




Add:52 Guantai Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Email time:11:59:49 1582689589700


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